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Canjeero is the famous Somalian staple breakfast dish

Somali Canjeero (Anjero/Laxoox) Recipe

“Canjeero?!“ I hear you say. “I’ve heard of Injera, but never canjeero, are you sure you’re not confused?”. Very sure! In fact, canjeero (sometimes called

Canadian stuffed moose heart recipe

Canadian Stuffed Moose Heart Recipe

This stuffed moose heart recipe just sounds like the stereotype of traditional Canadian life, just the word ‘moose’ conjures up images of Canada, although of course

Recipe for deep fried butter balls recipe from the USA

Deep-Fried Butter Recipe

In the USA deep fried butter is a thing, yes you read that right. So if you love clogged arteries or you’ve simply lost the

Crocodile skewers recipe

Australian Crocodile Skewers Recipe

Crocodile skewers are a great representation of Australia, they’ve got everything from the epitomic animal to the clichéd BBQ! In the Southern US, particularly in states

Hungarian Pancake Hortobagy style (mince meat stew stuffed crepe)

Hungarian Hortobagy-Style Pancakes Recipe

This hortobagy-style pancakes recipe is traditional Hungarian stew stuffed pancake dish, known locally as Hortobágyi palacsinta. Found in abundance in the beautiful capital of Budapest, one