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Samoan Fa’ausi Recipe

Fa’ausi is a traditional Samoan dish prepared by comining two recipes: dense coconut bread (also known as fa’apapa) and sweet coconut caramel sauce. Fa’apapa is typically prepared using copra (dried coconut flesh), but many people also use ingredients like mashed pumpkin, banana or taro. Fa’ausi is generally consumed as a snack or as a dessert. …

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Samoan Food: 11 Must Try Traditional Dishes of Samoa

Samoa is a group of 12 islands in the South Pacific Ocean located somewhere between Hawaii and New Zealand. Hawaii is about 2,500 miles North East and New Zealand, about 2,000 miles South West of Samoa. Only 4 of the 12 Samoan islands are inhabited. It has a population of 200,000 which is surprisingly small …

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Palusami Recipe: A Polynesian Delicacy

Palusami is a delicacy in Polynesia that is made by wrapping a beef, onion and coconut mixture in leaves before baking. It is considered a staple in the Polynesian islands, particularly in Samoa, Kiribati, Tuvalu and Fiji. Palusami wildly popular at feasts and parties and it’s extraordinarily easy to prepare. Palusami is an iconic Polynesian …

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Traditional Sapa Sui (Samoan Chop Suey) Recipe

This Sapasui (or Sapa Sui) recipe is adored in Samoa, a variation on the classic Chinese Chop Suey recipe, there are many different ways to cook this dish. This is one of the most typical recipes in Samoan cuisine, hailing straight from the beautiful Oceanic island. Samoan recipes are not particularly well known around the world …

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