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Paraguayan Soyo Recipe

Soyo is a traditional Paraguayan soup prepared using meat that is pounded in a mortar. It is then flavored with several spices and vegetables. Other ingredients added include cold water, rice, garlic, aromatic herbs, oil, onion, sweet red pepper, tomato, scallion, some flour, salt, oregano and parsley. Rich in calories, this hearty soup is generally …

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Puchero Recipe

Puchero is a kind of Spanish-originating stew consisting of a wide range of vegetables, the exact ingredients of which vary by region. The dish is also very popular in Yucatán, Mexico, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, the Philippines, and the independent communities of Andalusia and the Canary Islands. Puchero is basically similar to the Spanish cocido but …

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Paraguayan Chipa Argolla Recipe

Chipa Argolla is a traditional Paraguayan anise and cheese bread made from a combination of cornmeal and cassava flour. Other dough ingredients include milk, eggs, butter, cheese and anise. The dough is rolled out into small logs then the ends are pressed together creating its signature circular appearance. It is the baked until it is …

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Paraguayan Food: 14 Must-Try Traditional Dishes of Paraguay

Since ancient times the basis of Paraguayan food has been corn and cassava, which have allowed the character of Paraguayan gastronomy to be forged. Those key staples of the Paraguayan cuisine have given rise to the creation many unique dishes enjoyed throughout the country and other parts of Latin America. Most Popular Paraguayan Dishes Paraguayan …

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Paraguayan Tereré Recipe (Iced Herbal Tea)

Tereré, commonly known as ‘iced herbal tea’ is the national drink of Paraguay, South America. This refreshing drink is prepared from dried leaves and twigs of the ilex paraguariensis tree. These leaves, simply called yerba mate, are then used to make the hot yerba mate tea as well as the terere. The only difference between …

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Paraguayan Bori Bori (Vori Vori) Recipe

Bori Bori, also known as Vori Vori, is a Paraguayan soup made of seasoned chicken, a corn flour-thickened broth, root vegetables, and small balls of cheese and cornmeal. Its hearty and filling ingredients make it a popular comfort food in Paraguayan cuisine, often enjoyed as an evening meal in colder seasons.  Every country has a …

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