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Taiwanese Ba Wan Recipe

Ba wan is a Taiwanese street food that consists of a disk-shaped dough prepared using corn starch, rice flour and sweet potato starch. The translucent dough is then stuffed with a savory filling and consumed along with a sweet and savory sauce. The filling differs extensively depending on the different areas in Taiwan, but typically …

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Taiwanese Sun Cake Recipe (Tai Yang Bing)

Sun cake, also known as tai yang bing, is a famous Taiwanese dessert. Belonging to the beautiful city of Taichung, Taiwan, sun cake is made of condensed malt sugar (also known as maltose). The dish looks a little like the sun, thus the reason for its name. These pastries are round in shape and are …

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Traditional Lechon Recipe (Suckling Pig)

Lechon is a pork dish, typically cooked using a whole pig on a spit roast, that is popular in the Philippines, Spain, Cuba, Dominican Republic and other former Spanish colonies. After spinning slowly around a fire for hours, the meat of a Lechon is perfectly tender with a crispy (albeit slightly chewy) skin. What Does …

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Taiwanese Food: 14 Must-Try Traditional Dishes of Taiwan

Taiwan is a small country to the South of China which rich in culture and history. Taiwanese food also happens to be some of the best in the world, deeply inspired by the cuisine from the Chinese mainland whilst carving its own culinary path in the world. Travelling from the South (Kaohsiung) to the North …

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