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Recipes From Around The World

Discover a whole host of authentic traditional recipes from different cultures and countries all over the world. Typical recipes from local cuisines and dishes. Cook and try foods from different countries.

Vietnamese Pizza (Banh Trang Nuong) Recipe

Vietnamese pizza, locally known as Banh Trang Nuong, is a unique style of pizza preparation that uses grilled rice paper, instead of dough, as its base. It is a widely popular dish as street food in Vietnam.  One of the most interesting things about Vietnamese pizza is that it can be made with any combination …

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French Hachis Parmentier Recipe

Hachis Parmentier is a French dish casserole made of ground beef and mashed potatoes layered together and topped with cheese. Similar to the British Cottage Pie, Hachis Parmentier may not be typical of French cuisine but it is well loved by families across the country as it is hearty and warming. Hachis Parmentier is typically …

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Polish Sernik (Cheesecake) Recipe

Sernik is the name of the renowned cheesecake from Poland, which is considered a highlight of the country’s cuisine. Its preparation involves a shortcrust pastry base with a high filling of layered cheese, sugar and eggs, which is refined with raisins, orange peel and other delicacies. The use of Twarog, also known as Polish Farmer’s …

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Hungarian Krémes Recipe

Krémes, meaning “creamy” in Hungarian, is a favourite traditional pastry dessert in Hungary. It is made up of 2 thin, flakey layers of buttery flavoured pastry that are filled with vanilla custard cream.  Similar to the more well-known Mille-feuille cake or custard slice dessert, Krémes are are wonderfully airy, messy, creamy and rich. Origin & …

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Ecuadorian Fritada Recipe

Fritada (also known as Fritada de Chancho) is a traditional Ecuadorian dish consisting of fried pork cooked in spices and served with potatoes, Llapingacho, mote or other sides. In Ecuador especially, Fritada has been consumed for centuries and can be found easily in many typical roadside eateries, traditional restaurants, food festivals and fairs. It should …

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