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Asia is home to some of the most amazing travel locations and delicious food on the planet. And you might not be surprised to find out that there are also some very weird and unusual recipes to try from Asia too!

Vietnamese Bò Bía Recipe

Bò Bía is a Vietnamese street food consisting of vegetables served in rolled rice paper. Like a spring roll, Bò Bía usually features a selection of vegetables, traditionally Vietnamese jicama, with various other ingredients depending on the region in which they’re prepared. Other common ingredients include slices of omelet, dried red krill, lettuce, Chinese sausage …

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Chinese Roujiamo Recipe 

Roujiamo is a traditional Chinese street food, similar to a sandwich, that is made up of slow-cooked meat (most commonly pork) inside a freshly made flatbread called baijimo. The dish is sometimes referred to as a ‘Chinese Hamburger’ and contains over 20 different spices and seasonings.  Originating from the province of Shaanxi, Roujiamo is a …

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Vietnamese Gỏi Cuốn Chay Recipe

Gỏi Cuốn Chay is a Vietnamese summer roll consisting of lettuce, mushrooms or tofu, carrots, thin rice noodles and herbs like mint and cilantro all wrapped in translucent rice paper. It contains no meat or seafood and is served with a peanut sauce or fish sauce condiment. ‘Gỏi’ translates to bundle or wrap. ‘Cuốn’ translates to …

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Korean Sundubu Jjigae (Tofu Stew) Recipe

Sundubu Jjigae is a traditional stew from South Korea consisting of soft tofu cooked in a flavorful spicy broth. The broth usually contains anchovies, kelp and gochugaru or gochujang. Additionally it contains various vegetables and proteins, these vary by personal taste. The vegetables are sauteed then the spices and other base ingredients such as the …

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Mongolian Khorkhog Recipe

Khorkhog is a traditional Mongolian dish consisting of meat and vegetables cooked with hot stones inside of a sealed vessel. It is sometimes called the real Mongolian BBQ. Meat options are sheep or goat and the vegetables include onions, carrot, rutabaga, potatoes and cabbage. A small amount of seasoning spice is used and a splash …

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South Korean Jeon (Vegetable Pancakes) Recipe

Jeon is a type of South Korean savory vegetable pancake made with flour, cabbage and often vegetables, kimchi and sometimes seafood. While it’s commonly eaten as an appetizer or side dish, Jeon can also serve as a main course when paired with a bowl of rice and kimchi. Origin & Cultural Significance Jeon’s roots can …

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