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Poland Foods, Cuisines, Delicacies & Recipes

Polish Sernik (Cheesecake) Recipe

Sernik is the name of the renowned cheesecake from Poland, which is considered a highlight of the country’s cuisine. Its preparation involves a shortcrust pastry base with a high filling of layered cheese, sugar and eggs, which is refined with raisins, orange peel and other delicacies. The use of Twarog, also known as Polish Farmer’s …

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Authentic Polish Śledzie Recipe

Śledzie is a popular Polish dish also known as “śledzie po Kaszubsku”. Śledzie consists of pickled herring often combined with sour cream, onions, apples and hard-boiled eggs. Commonly served on Christmas Eve, Śledzie is well loved in Poland as well as other countries by the Baltic Sea and the North Sea.  The word “Śledzie” is …

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Polish Naleśniki Pancakes Recipe

Nalesniki is a traditional dessert which originates in Poland. Literally meaning “thin pancakes”, this sweet delight is very popular among the polish. Although it is commonly used in breakfast, it can be consumed at any time of the day, more commonly in cold weather. Types of Naleśniki Naleśniki is commonly made worldwide with 2 variations …

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