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Russian Kurnik Recipe

Kurnik, also referred to as wedding pirog or tsar pirog, is a type of Russian savory pie typically stuffed with chicken, onions, eggs, rice or kasha, and several other optional ingredients. Occasionally, this dish is also stuffed with boiled rooster combs. Origin & Cultural Significance The kurnik is believed to have been invented in southern …

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Traditional Russian Rassolnik Recipe

Rassolnik (Russian: рассольник) is a Russian pickled cucumber soup that is famous for its salty and sour taste. It is prepared with vegetables and meat, typically beef.  Pickled cucumbers give this soup its signature aroma, while beef, pearl barley and potatoes make it a hearty main course meal. However, strict attention is paid to what other …

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Russian Food: 13 Must-Try Traditional Dishes of Russia

When you think of Russian food you likely don’t consider it to be a global culinary great. However, Russia’s gastronomic influence across the world is very apparent particularly throughout Eastern Europe and central Asia. In fact, many of Russia’s most famous dishes share a lot in common with Eastern European countries such as Poland, Hungary …

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