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Spanish Pisto Manchego Recipe

Pisto Manchego is a classic Spanish dish prepared from garden vegetables with tomato and pepper as its base. Owing to its similarity with its French counterpart, the dish is also famously known as the Manchego ratatouille. The Pisto does not require a lot of oil in its preparation, making it a very healthy and low-calorie …

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Latin American Obleas Recipe

Obleas are round wafers that are light brown in colour. It is a famous Latin American dessert, usually spread with Colombian caramel called arequipe, and topped with cheese, jams, sprinkles, or fruits. Obleas are also very popular among Latin American countries such as Colombia, Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Venezuela, as well as Spain. It …

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Traditional Lechon Recipe (Pork Belly)

Lechon is a pork dish, typically cooked using a whole pig on a spitroast, that is popular in the Philippines, Spain, Cuba, Dominican Republic and other former Spanish colonies. For pork lovers, Lechon is a dream come true because well, it’s basically all pork! After spinning slowly around a fire for hours, the meat of …

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Spanish Food: 13 Must-Try Traditional Dishes of Spain

There’s a whole lot of reasons anyone would want to visit Spain: gorgeous beaches, world-renowned art, colorful history, and…. delicious food! Due to the mountainous regions of Spain and its history of various small kingdoms and ethnic groups, Spanish cuisine can be very regional. Different parts of Spain, from Catalonia to Basque Country, many traditional …

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8 Delicious, Traditional Hispanic Soups To Try This Winter

Hispanic cuisine undoubtedly boasts some of the most flavorful dishes in the world. And Hispanic soups are no exception! Traditional Hispanic soups contain a myriad of unique ingredients. Offal meats like beef tongue, oxtail, and tripe are often used in Hispanic meals and bring them to life. Delightful. Warm. Cozy. Not much compares to the comfort …

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Calf or Bull Testicle Fries (Criadillas) Recipe

Travelling through Argentina it’s not difficult to be able find and eat fried calf or bulls testicles (criadillas), served with salsa. Fancy trying that? “Criadillas” are fried bulls testicles, eaten predominantly in regions where bullfighting is popular and often by the victorious matador as a sign of strength. You can also try them in Spain or …

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