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Argentinian Food: 13 Must-Try Traditional Dishes of Argentina

Occupying much of the South West tip of South America, Argentina stands as the 8th largest country in the world in terms of landmass. With magnificent mountains, beaches, waterfalls and landscapes along with a rich cultural history, a burning passion for football and wine, this latin-American country is among the most visited tourist destinations on …

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Argentinian Medialunas Recipe

Medialunas is the Argentinian take on the traditional French croissant. The word literally translates to half a moon (explaining the crescent shape). The yeast infused dough is intricately layered with butter with a technique called laminating and glazed with sugar. Unlike a regular croissant, Medialunas are smaller and sweeter. It is a staple pastry dish …

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Argentinian Parillada Recipe

Parrillada is an Argentinian savoury dish composed of various meats that are grilled and paired with different sauces, such as chimichurri or mushroom escabeche. This recipe hits back to the origins of Argentinian cooking and is very similar to what we now know as modern-day barbeque. Origin and Cultural Significance The art of Argentinian cooking …

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Authentic Tortas Fritas Recipe

If you’ve ever been to Uruguay or Argentina you will surely have tried the classic tortas fritas sweet treat. For those of you who haven’t tortas fritas are essentially deep-fried dough tossed with sugar, and they are oh-so-delicious! Tortas fritas translates to ‘fried cakes’ and were allegedly created for the gauchos of Argentina who roamed …

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Calf or Bull Testicle Fries (Criadillas) Recipe

Travelling through Argentina it’s not difficult to be able find and eat fried calf or bulls testicles (criadillas), served with salsa. Fancy trying that? “Criadillas” are fried bulls testicles, eaten predominantly in regions where bullfighting is popular and often by the victorious matador as a sign of strength. You can also try them in Spain or …

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