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Ethiopian Mitmita Spice Blend Recipe

Mitmita is a traditional Ethiopian spice blend consisting of spices like ginger, cumin, cardamom and cloves to name a few. The spices used vary by recipe but every Mitmita blend contains African bird’s eye chili peppers. African bird’s eye chili pepper is related to regular bird’s eye chili pepper often called piri piri or peri …

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Ethiopian Awaze Recipe

Awaze is a traditional Ethiopian sauce made by mixing a handful of ingredients and requires no cooking. There are a great number of recipes, varying by household, restaurant and personal taste. The only ingredient found in every Awaze recipe is Berbere spice. From there the other ingredients begin to vary, these include various combinations of …

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Ethiopian Berbere Spice Blend Recipe

Berbere is an Ethiopian spice blend used in many different dishes across the country. It is a key ingredient in some of Ethiopia’s most popular recipes, giving them a warm, fragrant flavor.  Berbere can be translated to “hot” or “pepper” in Amharic. Warm spices like cumin, coriander, cloves and cinnamon are combined with red chili …

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Ethiopian Beef Tibs Recipe

Beef tibs is a traditional Ethiopian dish prepared using small cubes of beef, niter kibbeh (clarified butter), vegetables (such as onions, tomatoes and green peppers), herbs, garlic, ginger and berbere spice. Beef tibs are generally consumed with injera, a special sourdough pancake made with teff flour. There are many variations of this dish that use …

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Ethiopian Food: 13 Must Try Traditional Dishes of Ethiopia

Ethiopia, located in the Eastern horn of Africa, is one of the biggest countries in terms of size and population in both Africa and the world. It’s no surprise then that it is home to a culinary culture that packs a real punch! Ethiopian cuisine typically centres around the bread (injera) which is used as …

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