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Ghanaian Shito Recipe

Shito, also known as shitor din, is a Ghanaian hot black pepper sauce generally prepared using fish or vegetable oil, ginger, dried fish, prawns, crustaceans, tomatoes, garlic, peppers and many different spices. The ingredients are generally blended and prepared in vegetable or corn oil for more than an hour to make the sauce. Shito can …

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Ghanaian Food: 12 Must-Try Traditional Dishes of Ghana

Although Ghana is a relatively small country in Western Africa, it has a population of 30 million and was the first sub-Saharan country to achieve independence from colonialism. The country is not only famous for their great leaders, but also for a cuisine that is deeply rooted in their culture and history. Most Popular Ghanaian …

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Authentic African Fufu Recipe

Fufu is an African-style dumpling prepared using cassava (also known as yuca) and plantains. It is typically eaten with your hands and dipped into soups or stews. It is most popular in the countries of Western and Central Africa including Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, the CAR, Togo, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, the Congo, the …

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Authentic Ghanaian Kelewele Recipe (Spicy Fried Plantains)

If you’ve ever been to Accra, or anywhere else in Ghana for that matter, you will likely be familiar with Kelewele. Kelewele is essentially just fried plantains that have been seasoned with a variety of spices and served alongside a stew or even just on their own. If you’re familiar with African cuisine in general …

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