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Australian Anzac Biscuits Recipe

Anzac biscuits are one of those sweet treats that just defines Australia due to its rich history and continued adoration by the population. If you’re Australian and just want to find out the history of Anzac biscuits or you’re planning a big Aussie vacation, it’s fascinating to read about the rich cultural history of the …

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5 Utterly Unique Foods To Try In Australia

Although Australia may seem like a million miles away, culturally it’s not that different to most western countries. Australian cities are a melting pot of cultures, particularly South-East Asian, and so there is a huge selection of authentic and delicious cuisine at your disposal. That being said, Australia has its fair share of strange foods …

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Traditional Australian Pie Floater Recipe

Australia and England have a strong connection in terms of traditional national dishes. So, on my very first trip to London I was keen to get in and around some of those classic British dishes to see the similarities, and perhaps learn some new recipe variations to try back home. On a cold dreary London …

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Australian Crocodile Skewers Recipe

Crocodile skewers are a great representation of Australia, they’ve got everything from the epitomic animal to the clichéd BBQ! In the Southern US, particularly in states such as Florida and Louisiana, alligator Kebabs are cooked in much the same way. So whichever meat you can get your hands on, the result will be pretty similar. Crocodile …

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