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Mongolian Khorkhog Recipe

Khorkhog is a traditional Mongolian dish consisting of meat and vegetables cooked with hot stones inside of a sealed vessel. It is sometimes called the real Mongolian BBQ. Meat options are sheep or goat and the vegetables include onions, carrot, rutabaga, potatoes and cabbage. A small amount of seasoning spice is used and a splash …

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Mongolian Airag (Kumis) Recipe: Fermented Mare’s Milk

Also known as kumis, Airag, also known as Kumis, is essentially fermented mare’s milk and is the national beverage of Mongolia. A combination of lactic acid bacteria and yeast leads to the process of fermentation of the milk. Airag is useful in treating severe illnesses related to the heart, lungs, and stomach. It is rich …

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Mongolian Food: 11 Must-Try Traditional Dishes of Mongolia

On the surface Mongolian cuisine can be quite simple. Utilising a variety of meats such as mutton, beef, horse, sheep, camel, and even marmot which are then typically paired with vegetables, noodles, pasta or rice. Vegetables play a hugely important role in traditional Mongolian meals as much of the ingredients and cooking techniques originate from …

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Mongolian Bansh Recipe

Bansh is a popular Mongolian dumplings dish that is typically served during special occasions. Bansh is usually made of mutton or beef, which came from the five domestic animals of Mongolia. Origin and Cultural Significance Much of the Mongolian cuisine is based on livestock farming. Therefore, they always prepare dishes from their five domestic animals, …

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