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Korean Mandu Recipe

Mandu are Korean dumplings, which are thin wrappers stuffed with a savory filling. They are usually filled with various vegetables, meat and/or fish, and can be cooked by boiling, steaming or frying.  Traditionally mandu wrappers were made from scratch, but today pre-made wrappers are easily available in local stores. They are usually served with a …

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Korean Dolsot Bibimbap Recipe

Dolsot Bibimbap is dish consisting of steamed rice and sides served in a hot stone bowl, popular in both North and South Korea. The sides are typically a variety of vegetables for example, carrots, mushrooms and spinach, meats, eggs and sauce. The difference between regular Bibimbap and Dolsot Bibimbap is the manner in which they …

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North Korean Food: 20 Traditional Dishes of North Korea

North Korea is known for being the most isolated country in the world, with a communist dictatorship that rarely allows its citizens to leave. Since the war between North and South Korea in the 1950s, the regime has been closed to the influences of other countries, with the occasional exception of China and Russia who …

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Korean Soondae Blood Sausage Recipe

Soondae or Blood Sausage is a popular Korean dish prepared by steaming cow or pig intestines filled with various ingredients such as dangmyeon (glass noodles), vegetables, rice and the cow or pig’s blood. Blood Sausage is one of the most popular street foods in both South and North Korea. Despite a sausage filled with blood …

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