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Traditional Börek/Burek Recipe

Börek (also known as Burek, Byrek or Boureki) covers a range of pastry dishes made by layering thin phyllo dough, with fillings such as cheese, minced meat, spinach and seasonings, along with a creamy egg yogurt mixture which is baked into a crispy and flaky pie-like dish. Börek is commonly associated with Turkey but it …

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Yemenite Malawach Recipe (Jewish Flatbread)

Malawach, also known as Melawwaḥ, is a traditional Yemenite Jewish flatbread. This bread is similar to a thick pancake but contains thin layers of puff pastry brushed with oil. It is traditionally consumed with hard-boiled eggs, zhug, and a crushed or grated tomato dip. Occasionally, people also consume it with honey. Origin & Cultural Significance …

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Traditional Hamine Eggs Recipe (Beid Hamine)

Hamine, also known as beid hamine or beid haouzi in Egypt, are long-simmered eggs that belong to the Sephardic Jewish cuisine. The eggs are allowed to simmer gradually in their broth till they attain a browned flavour. Unlike traditional hard-boiled eggs that are a little rubbery and dry, hamine eggs are soft and creamy in …

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Israeli Foods: 22 Must-Try Traditional Dishes of Israel

Israel is a land of the eternal sun, sandy deserts and amazing foods. Created a little over 70 years ago, it is a country of contradictions, traditional values, gastronomical values ​​and modern technologies. Israel is known for its holy places and the healing Dead Sea that awaits tourists all year round. Most Popular Israeli Foods …

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Sujuk (Sucuk) Sausage: A Middle Eastern Favorite

Sujuk is a dry, spiced sausage consumed in countries throughout the Middle East. It is typically made of either beef, lamb or horse meat. Whilst most commonly associated with Lebanon and Turkey, it is revered in Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Israel and Iraq too. Sujuk, also known as sucuk, soudjouk or sudzhuk, is most popularly eaten …

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Canjeero (Anjero/Lahoh/Laxoox) Recipe

Canjeero is a type of Somalian bread, similar in appearance to a pancake, which forms the basis of many African dishes. Canjeero (also sometimes known as anjero, canjeelo, lahoh or laxoox) and Ethiopian Injera are cousins. Whilst Injera is the famous Ethiopian food and method of eating; this is the Somali version and is also …

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