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Germany travel inspiration, foods, cuisines, dishes, trip ideas and more authentic German experiences.

Bavarian Cream Recipe (Crème Bavaroise)

Bavarian cream, or crème bavaroise, is a custard enriched with whipped cream and solidified with gelatin. Garnished with sweet sauce and fruits, this delicacy can be prepared in many flavors like coffee, fruit, chocolate etc.  Although the origins of Bavarian cream are quite unclear, It is believed to belong to both Germany and France. It …

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German Blutwurst (Blood Sausage) Recipe

Blutwurst are a type of German sausage prepared from pigs blood, milk (sometimes with the addition of cream), fat, onions, salt, pepper, nutmeg, marjoram and cinnamon. The specific ingredients of the dish can vary from region to region. The main characteristic of this Blutwurst is its signature reddish color. Blood sausage is a common ingredient …

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German Presskopf Recipe: Bavarian “Head Meat” Sausage

Presskopf is a German sausage that is cooked in a broth containing various animal parts and internal organs. Pork meat, heart, blood, muscle meat, rinds and calf or pork head meat are common ingredients. This sets up into gelatin and is often called aspic (jelly like consistency) or terrine. It is usually flavored with onion, …

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German Food: 17 Must-Try Traditional Dishes of Germany

Not many people think of Germany as a country with a rich foodie history. But you might be surprised to find there is definitely a distinctive food culture in Germany with some real delicious dishes to try. There can be distinctive variations of the traditional German cuisine depending on the region, Bavaria is one such …

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Visiting Berlin Travel Tips & Hacks (On A Budget)

I’ve lived in Berlin for nearly a year now and before then I was visiting Berlin quite regularly. It’s a city I love and have discovered exactly how to travel to Berlin on a budget, whilst still having an amazing time! I came to Berlin often as a tourist and other times to see friends …

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