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Guatemala Foods, Delicacies, Dishes & Recipes

Guatemalan Pepian de Pollo Recipe

Pepian de Pollo is a delicious chicken stew layered with roasted peppers, pepitoria and sesame seeds blended together into a rich and meaty sauce. Borne from the fusion of Mayan and Spanish cultures, there cannot be a dish more representative of the Guatemalan cuisine than the Pepian de Pollo. Viewed by many as the national …

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16 Guatemalan Foods You Must Try

Guatemala is one of the most well-known countries of Central America with it’s stunning culture and a simple but hearty traditional cuisine. Guatemalan food at its core centres around the primary ingredients of rice, corn, tortillas, cheese, port, chicken, beans, or beef. The single most common ingredient in Guatemalan cooking is corn. With strong ties to …

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