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Guatemalan recipes, foods, cuisines, dishes, travel inspiration & blogs. Discover a whole host of food delicacies from Guatemala.

Traditional Churrasco Recipe

Churrasco is a traditional Latin American barbecue technique where chops of beef, veal, lamb, pork and chicken are skewered and then grilled over a wood fire. It is a very popular dish in Brazil but is also a widely followed cooking method in many other countries, like Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, Guatemala, Cuba …

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Stinking Toe Fruit (West Indian Locust Fruit)

Stinking Toe Fruit, also known as locust fruit or jatobá, is the fruit of the West Indian Locust, the largest tree in the Caribbean. A popular fruit throughout Latin America, it is known as Stinking Toe Fruit as its shape is similar to a big toe and its pungent smell is like a sweaty foot. …

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Guatemalan Tamalitos de Chipilin Recipe

Tamalitos de chipilin is a Guatemalan dish consisting of a mixture of flavored corn flour and chipilin leaves which are wrapped in corn husks then steamed. When cooked, the husks are discarded before eating the now firm filling. They are usually served with a creamy sauce. Tamalitos translates simply in English to tamales. Tamales are …

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Loroco Pupusa Recipe

Pupusas are a corn tortilla made with cornmeal or rice flour and filled with a wide range of ingredients, including pork, shrimp, fish, pumpkin, squash, beans and spinach. They are widely consumed in Central America, especially in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. In this recipe we prepare the traditional pupusa made with loroco, an edible …

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Guatemalan Pepian de Pollo Recipe

Pepian de Pollo is a delicious chicken stew layered with roasted peppers, pepitoria and sesame seeds blended together into a rich and meaty sauce. Borne from the fusion of Mayan and Spanish cultures, there cannot be a dish more representative of the Guatemalan cuisine than the Pepian de Pollo. Viewed by many as the national …

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Guatemalan Food: 18 Must-Try Traditional Dishes of Guatemala

Guatemala is one of the most well-known countries of Central America with it’s stunning culture and a simple but hearty traditional cuisine. Guatemalan food at its core centres around the primary ingredients of rice, corn, tortillas, cheese, port, chicken, beans, or beef. The single most common ingredient in Guatemalan cooking is corn. With strong ties to …

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