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Costa Rican recipes, foods, cuisines, dishes, travel inspiration & blogs. Discover a whole host of food delicacies from Costa Rica.

Arroz Con Pollo (Chicken & Rice) Recipe

Arroz con pollo is a popular, traditional Latin American dish that combines chicken and rice with onions, bell peppers, garlic, and various seasonings such as cumin, paprika, and oregano. It is popular in many Latin American countries including Cuba, Peru, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Argentina and Costa Rica. The …

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Costa Rican Chorreadas Recipe

Chorreadas is a type of pancake from Costa Rica made of ground corn or corn flour, milk and eggs. This dish is often served with sweet or savory toppings. Chorreadas’ few simple ingredients make it an ideal breakfast or snack between meals.  Traditional Chorreadas recipes call for only three ingredients and are best made with …

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Traditional Gallo Pinto Recipe

Gallo Pinto is a traditional breakfast dish of both Costa Rica and Nicaragua made up of black beans and rice with a primary seasoning of Lizano sauce (popularly known as Salsa Lizano). Gallo pinto means “spotted rooster” in Spanish which originates from the speckled appearance that results from cooking white rice with black beans.  Worcestershire …

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Traditional Costa Rican Chifrijo Recipe

Chifrijo is a Costa Rican dish consisting mainly of stewed beans, white rice, pork chicharron and pico de gallo. The items are cooked separately then combined and served in the same bowl. Typical accompaniments are tortillas or corn chips, avocados and lime wedges. While different types of beans may be used, the original dish used …

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Latin American Obleas Recipe

Obleas are round wafers that are light brown in color that are popular throughout Latin America, and Colombia in particular where they are said to have originated. They are usually spread with Colombian caramel called arequipe and topped with cheese, jams, sprinkles or fruits. Obleas are also very popular among Latin American countries such as …

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Costa Rican Food: 11 Must-Try Traditional Dishes of Costa Rica

Like many of their neighbors in Central America, many dishes in Costa Rica are based around white rice and black beans as a base. Which may stand mostly on its own or may add some shredded meat, fried veggies, or tasty broth. While these seem like simple ingredients at first glance, they can be combined …

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