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South American Foods, Delicacies, Dishes & Recipes

South America is home to some of the most unique, awe-inspiring travel opportunities, natural phenomena and historical sites in the world. Travelling South America is an unbelievable experience with incredible culture and, of course, food!

South American food is some of the most delicious, unique, interesting and tasty in the world. But there are also some very weird and unusual recipes to try from South America too!

Whether it’s Guinea Pig (cuy) in Peru, or bulls testicle fries (criadillas) in Argentina; uncover delicacies that they eat in South America and traditional South American meals that you may (or may not) want to try next time you visit the continent.

Travel Latin America in recipes by checking out Brazillian Buchada de Bode (Goat’s intestines) or traditional foods they eat in Peru!

Uruguayan Tortas Fritas

Authentic Tortas Fritas Recipe

If you’ve ever been to Uruguay or Argentina you will surely have tried the classic tortas fritas sweet treat. For those of you who haven’t