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South America is home to some of the most unique, awe-inspiring travel opportunities, natural phenomena and historical sites in the world. Travelling South America is an unbelievable experience with incredible culture and, of course, food!

South American food is some of the most delicious, unique, interesting and tasty in the world. But there are also some very weird and unusual recipes to try from South America too!

Ecuadorian Encebollado de Pescado Recipe

vEncebollado de pescado is a popular traditional Ecuadorian soup consisting of fresh tuna, onions, tomatoes, yuca (cassava), and spices. Although albacore tuna is traditionally used, some cooks substitute other types of fish or seafood. Encebollado de pescado is the national dish of Ecuador. It is often topped with pickled onion and tomato salsa. Avocado, toasted corn …

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Brazilian Beijinho Recipe

Beijinho is a bite-sized sweet snack popular in Brazil, made using coconut and condensed milk. Commonly eaten at celebrations and festivities across the country, Beijinho is known as a ‘birthday candy’ and comes in many different varieties. Traditionally it is coconut flavor but chocolate, nuts, and even liquors are also used to make variations of …

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Arroz Con Pollo (Chicken & Rice) Recipe

Arroz con pollo is a popular, traditional Latin American dish that combines chicken and rice with onions, bell peppers, garlic, and various seasonings such as cumin, paprika, and oregano. It is popular in many Latin American countries including Cuba, Peru, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Argentina and Costa Rica. The …

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Paraguayan Sopa Paraguaya Recipe

Sopa Paraguaya is the national dish of Paraguay and consists of cheese, onion, and milk or whey. Literally translated, ‘Sopa Paraguaya’ means Paragyuan soup however, the dish more resembles a dense, cheesy cornbread – rather than a soup. It is high in calories and protein content, and is very similar to the dish Chipa Guasu …

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Picada Colombiana Recipe

Picada Colombiana is a Colombian dish consisting of a variety of smaller meat and vegetable dishes served on a large platter, much like a charcuterie board. The term ‘picada’ refers to a collection of small, diverse dishes commonly served as snacks or appetizers in Colombian cuisine. Popular picadas include grilled steak/chicken/pork, blood sausages, arepas, potatoes, chorizo, …

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Venezuelan Caraotas Negras (Venezuelan Black Beans) Recipe

Caraotas Negras, or black beans, are a staple dish in Venezuelan cuisine. Typically cooked on the stove with onions, peppers, garlic, and other spices, they are served as an accompaniment to many Venezuelan dishes, including soups, arepas, and the national dish, Pabellón Criollo. Caraotas Negras are also known as Venezuelan Beans or Criollo Caviar and …

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Colombian Hogao Recipe

Hogao is a versatile Colombian condiment that is used in a variety of different Colombian dishes. The sauce is a Spanish-style sofrito, traditionally made with green onions and tomatoes with a savory and slightly tangy taste. Hogao is served with many different sides, from arepas to rice and beans. Origin and Cultural Significance Originally from …

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Sancocho Recipe

Sancocho is a soup made using many ingredients which includes, meat, vegetables, herbs, seasonings and root vegetables. It is eaten regularly in many Latin American and Spanish Caribbean countries including the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, El Salvador and Trinidad. Some common meats used in its preparation include beef, pork, chicken and …

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Guarapo (Sugarcane Juice) Recipe

Guarapo is a traditional Latin American drink made from sugarcane juice. It is a refreshing beverage that is popular in Mexico, Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Puerto Rico and Brazil.  To make guarapo, fresh sugarcane stalks are crushed to extract the juice. The juice is then served as a natural, …

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