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Colombia Foods, Delicacies, Dishes & Recipes

Colombian recipes, foods, cuisines, dishes and blogs. Discover a whole host of travel inspiration and food delicacies from Colombia.

Hormiga Culona: Colombia’s Edible Fat-Bottomed Ants

Hormiga Culona are a large leafcutter ant, typically female, that is a popular unusual delicacy eaten in the Colombian region of Santander. The Hormiga Culona ants are either fried or roasted and eaten as a snack like peanuts. The History of Hormiga Culona Hormiga Culona originated in the northern part of Colombia, in Santander, which …

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Latin American Obleas Recipe

Obleas are round wafers that are light brown in colour. It is a famous Latin American dessert, usually spread with Colombian caramel called arequipe, and topped with cheese, jams, sprinkles, or fruits. Obleas are also very popular among Latin American countries such as Colombia, Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Venezuela, as well as Spain. It …

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Colombian Changua Recipe (Egg & Milk Soup)

This Colombian Changua recipe is so super easy to make and so very authentically Colombian. A typical breakfast meal eaten throughout Colombia, it’s also considered to be a hangover cure. Changua is quite simply an egg and milk soup, but it’s warming, hearty and absolutely delicious! There are various slight variations on this Changua recipe, …

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Peruvian Guinea Pig (Cuy) Delicacy + Recipe

Guinea pig (Cuy) is a delicacy that is very typically associated with typical Peruvian cuisine but it is also eaten throughout other countries of South America such as Ecuador, Colombia and Bolivia. The Peruvian guinea pig dish, cuy, is mostly served on special occasions rather than as a meal eaten regularly but is readily available for adventurous tourists …

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