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Dominican recipes, foods, cuisines, dishes, travel inspiration & blogs. Discover a whole host of food delicacies from the Dominican Republic.

Dominican Majarete Recipe

Majarete, also known as Dominican corn pudding, is a traditional dessert of the Dominican Republic prepared using freshly-cut immature corn, milk (usually coconut milk) and several different spices. The dessert is known to be creamy and smooth and is typically served cold. Garnished with ground cinnamon, this dish is usually consumed for breakfast or dessert. …

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Dominican Morir Sonando Recipe

Morir Sonando is a traditional orange juice and milk beverage from the Dominican Republic. The drink is a mixture of fresh orange juice, evaporated milk, sugar and vanilla poured over ice. There are some particular steps that should be taken when making morir sonanado because it’s possible for the mixture to curdle. This is due …

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Stinking Toe Fruit (West Indian Locust Fruit)

Stinking Toe Fruit, also known as locust fruit or jatobá, is the fruit of the West Indian Locust, the largest tree in the Caribbean. A popular fruit throughout Latin America, it is known as Stinking Toe Fruit as its shape is similar to a big toe and its pungent smell is like a sweaty foot. …

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Dominican Food: 14 Must-try Dishes of The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a country occupying half of an island, shared with Haiti, in the middle of the Caribbean. It is well known as a popular tourist destination, particularly the Parque Nacional del Este, the City of Santo Domingo which has stunning colonial architecture, and the natural panorama of the Jarabacoa waterfall. With a …

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Traditional Lechon Recipe (Suckling Pig)

Lechon is a pork dish, typically cooked using a whole pig on a spit roast, that is popular in the Philippines, Spain, Cuba, Dominican Republic and other former Spanish colonies. After spinning slowly around a fire for hours, the meat of a Lechon is perfectly tender with a crispy (albeit slightly chewy) skin. What Does …

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