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Bolivian recipes, foods, cuisines, dishes, travel inspiration & blogs. Discover a whole host of food delicacies from Bolivia.

Salteñas Recipe (Bolivian Empanadas)

Salteñas are a Bolivian pastry snack that is stuffed with meat, vegetables and egg in a rich sauce. They are often eaten for breakfast. Salteñas are a type of empanada, which is the more well-known name for the South American, crescent-shaped pastries that come with a variety of fillings depending on location. The word ’empanada’ …

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Bolivian Papitas Recipe

Papitas are a Bolivian delicacy consisting of quinoa stuffed with tuna. To make papitas, quinoa grains are cooked until soft. It’s then combined with bread which has been soaked in milk and eggs. They are mixed into a paste and formed into balls. The balls are stuffed with a tuna mixture, flattened slightly and fried. …

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Stinking Toe Fruit (West Indian Locust Fruit)

Stinking Toe Fruit, also known as locust fruit or jatobá, is the fruit of the West Indian Locust, the largest tree in the Caribbean. A popular fruit throughout Latin America, it is known as Stinking Toe Fruit as its shape is similar to a big toe and its pungent smell is like a sweaty foot. …

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Peruvian Guinea Pig (Cuy) Delicacy Recipe

Guinea pig (Cuy) is a delicacy that is very typically associated with typical Peruvian cuisine but it is also eaten throughout other countries of South America such as Ecuador, Colombia and Bolivia. The Peruvian guinea pig dish, cuy, is mostly served on special occasions rather than as a meal eaten regularly but is readily available for adventurous tourists …

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