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Eastern European Kifli (Kilfa) Recipe

Kifli or Kifla is a sweet pastry snack that originates from Eastern Europe and is popular throughout Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Albania and Macedonia. It is also eaten in Austria where it is known as kipferl, Denmark and Sweden where it is known as giffel and in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, …

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Kozunak/Cozonac (Easter Bread) Recipe

Kozuna, also known as Cozonac or Easter Bread, is a traditional sweet bread popular in Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Albania and Moldova. Its ingredients include flour, eggs, milk, sugar, yeast, citrus, rum, raisins and butter or oil. All of the ingredients except the raisins are mixed into a dough. The dough is left to rise several …

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Traditional Börek/Burek Recipe

Börek (also known as Burek, Byrek or Boureki) covers a range of pastry dishes made by layering thin phyllo dough, with fillings such as cheese, minced meat, spinach and seasonings, along with a creamy egg yogurt mixture which is baked into a crispy and flaky pie-like dish. Börek is commonly associated with Turkey but it …

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Bulgarian Food: 16 Must-try Traditional Dishes of Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country in South East Europe, uniquely positioned to benefit from the influences of the Mediterranean, Turkey and Eastern Europe. With a long coastline on the Black Sea, Bulgaria is known for its beaches, ski resorts and its traditional folk music and dances. Of course, with such a rich variety of influences, Bulgaria …

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