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Republic of Congo recipes, foods, cuisines and dishes.

African Moambe Chicken Recipe

Moambe, also called Poulet Moambe, is a simple Congolese dish that’s very easy to prepare, made from chicken smothered in tomato and peanut sauce.  Origin & Cultural Significance Poulet Moambe, also known as Moambe Nyembwe, is the national dish of both Congos. And by ‘both Congos’, we mean Republic of Congo and Democratic Republic of …

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Authentic African Fufu Recipe

Fufu is an African-style dumpling prepared using cassava (also known as yuca) and plantains. It is typically eaten with your hands and dipped into soups or stews. It is most popular in the countries of Western and Central Africa including Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, the CAR, Togo, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, the Congo, the …

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