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Puerto Rican recipes, foods, cuisines, dishes, travel inspiration & blogs. Discover a whole host of food delicacies from Puerto Rico.

Sancocho Recipe

Sancocho is a soup made using many ingredients which includes, meat, vegetables, herbs, seasonings and root vegetables. It is eaten regularly in many Latin American and Spanish Caribbean countries including the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, El Salvador and Trinidad. Some common meats used in its preparation include beef, pork, chicken and …

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Puerto Rican Chicharrones de Pollo Recipe

Chicharrones de Pollo is a Puerto Rican style fried chicken dish. Pieces of chicken are marinated in a mixture of spices, citrus juice and seasonings. After marinating, the chicken is coated with flour then fried. In addition to the spices, the flour coating typically contains sazon which gives the chicken more flavor and makes it …

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Traditional Churrasco Recipe

Churrasco is a traditional Latin American barbecue technique where chops of beef, veal, lamb, pork and chicken are skewered and then grilled over a wood fire. It is a very popular dish in Brazil but is also a widely followed cooking method in many other countries, like Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, Guatemala, Cuba …

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Puerto Rican Tripleta Recipe

Tripleta is a traditional Puerto Rican sandwich consisting of layers of three types of marinated meat: lechon pork, ham and grilled steak, in a fresh loaf of bread. A tripleta sandwich typically contains toppings such as fries, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and sauces including ketchup and mayonnaise. A Tripleta is known for its large size, …

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Puerto Rican Alcapurria Recipe

Alcapurria is a famous Puerto Rican snack typically made from green bananas and taro root stuffed with meat, then fried. This snack can be bought along the beach kiosks and street vendors.  Origin & Cultural Significance Alcapurria is a well-known Puerto Rican snack filled with meat, usually beef with tomato sauce, then fried. It is …

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