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Africa has some outstanding travel destinations, foods, cuisines and delicacies. Discover the amazing foods from all around Africa. Traditional African dishes, local foods, and travel inspiration from all over the continent From North Africa to South Africa, the East to the West.


11 Foods Of Kenya You Must Try

In the East of Africa lies a beautiful country with a vibrant and diverse culture – we’re talking about Kenya! When it comes to the

Moroccan Tagine

Traditional Moroccan Tagine Recipe

Moroccan Tagine is a classic North African dish that uses dried fruits, vegetables, preserved foods, and meat, in combination with aromatic spices. Morocco is distinguished

Botswana food market

9 Botswanan Foods Everyone Must Try!

Botswana might just be Africa’s most tourist-friendly country. Welcoming people, remote lodges, exceptional wildlife viewing and, most importantly, food that you’ll never experience elsewhere! Now,

Canjeero is the famous Somalian staple breakfast dish

Somali Canjeero (Anjero/Laxoox) Recipe

“Canjeero?!“ I hear you say. “I’ve heard of Injera, but never canjeero, are you sure you’re not confused?”. Very sure! In fact, canjeero (sometimes called