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Europe Foods, Delicacies, Dishes & Recipes

Travelling throughout Europe is one of the most awe-inspiring experiences. Rich in culture, languages and, most importantly food!

European food is some of the most delicious, unique, interesting and tasty in the world, but there are also some very weird and unusual recipes to try from Europe too. Discover a world of amazing traditional European recipes and foods!

Uncover delicacies that they eat in Europe and traditional European meals that you may (or may not) want to try next time you visit the continent. Here is a collection of travel and foodie tales from all around Europe.

Portuguese Food: 12 Must-Try Traditional Dishes of Portugal

Portugal, sharing terrestrial commonalities and customs with the Mediterranean and the countries of Northern Europe, offers the most serene beaches, delicious food and port wine. This charming country also serves as the world’s top surf spot and even has its own genre of music. But of course, that’s not what we’re here for, we are …

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Latin American Obleas Recipe

Obleas are round wafers that are light brown in colour. It is a famous Latin American dessert, usually spread with Colombian caramel called arequipe, and topped with cheese, jams, sprinkles, or fruits. Obleas are also very popular among Latin American countries such as Colombia, Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Venezuela, as well as Spain. It …

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13 Traditional Swedish Dishes You Must Try

The Scandinavian country of Sweden is famous for its glaciated mountains, thousands of coastal islands, boreal forests and inland lakes. But Swedish cuisine is less well-known, despite it offering up some surprising delights! A common trend in Swedish cuisine is fish (herring is an apparent favorite), whether that be part of a Smörgåsbord or fermented as …

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Authentic Polish Śledzie Recipe

Śledzie is a popular Polish dish also known as “śledzie po Kaszubsku”. Śledzie consists of pickled herring often combined with sour cream, onions, apples and hard-boiled eggs. Commonly served on Christmas Eve, Śledzie is well loved in Poland as well as other countries by the Baltic Sea and the North Sea.  The word “Śledzie” is …

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Polish Naleśniki Pancakes Recipe

Nalesniki is a traditional dessert which originates in Poland. Literally meaning “thin pancakes”, this sweet delight is very popular among the polish. Although it is commonly used in breakfast, it can be consumed at any time of the day, more commonly in cold weather. Types of Naleśniki Naleśniki is commonly made worldwide with 2 variations …

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Ukrainian Kutia or Kutya Recipe

Kutia (or Kutya) is a delicious Ukrainian dessert which is somewhat equivalent to a British crumble. Kutia is traditionally prepared in Ukraine and other parts of Eastern Europe as a ceremonial dish during Christmas or as a funeral feast. It is an important dish and the custom of making kutia on occasions is very ancient. …

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Traditional French Dacquoise Cake Recipe

Dacquoise is a delicious French dessert made up of layers of meringue. The layers are filled with roasted or baked nuts and whipped cream. Dacquoise can be made with different variations and flavors and is normally served chilled combined with fruits and syrups. Origin And Cultural Significance The word ‘’Dacquoise’’ came from the word ‘’DAX’’ …

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Traditional Lechon Recipe (Pork Belly)

Lechon is a pork dish, typically cooked using a whole pig on a spitroast, that is popular in the Philippines, Spain, Cuba, Dominican Republic and other former Spanish colonies. For pork lovers, Lechon is a dream come true because well, it’s basically all pork! After spinning slowly around a fire for hours, the meat of …

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Alplermagronen Recipe (Swiss Mac & Cheese)

Älplermagronen is essentially the Swiss version of macaroni & cheese. This traditional creamy cheese macaroni dish combines the flavors of pasta with potatoes, cheese and cream topped with caramelized onions and applesauce making for a hearty, filling meal.  Suffused with the creaminess of the sauce and the sweetness of the caramelized onions and apple sauce, …

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Belgian Bicky Burger Recipe

Bicky burger is a Belgian hamburger first made by Dutch Company called Beckers. Established in 1981, Bicky burger revolutionized the Belgian fast food becoming a symbol of “doing what you want”. Although there many burger giants in the market, but what makes “bicky burger” unique are its ingredients. Made using a patty that comprises pork, …

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10 Traditional Russian Foods You Must Try

When you think of Russian food you likely don’t put it on the same level as Italian, French or Mexican cuisine which is significantly more popular globally. However, Russia’s influence across the world is very apparent particularly throughout Eastern Europe and central Asia. In fact, many of Russia’s most famous dishes share a lot in …

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Italian Agnolotti (Stuffed Pasta) Recipe

Agnolotti is a type of Italian stuffed pasta which originated in the Piedmont region. Italian cuisine, considered as one of the finest in the world, has produced various iconic dishes with Agnolotti being one of those. Viewed by many as a work of art, this amazingly delicious dish is made by filling roasted meat or …

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Escargot (Snails) Recipe: A French Delicacy

People around the world enjoy all kinds of weird dishes…. from crispy tarantulas to jellied moose nose and now…even snails! The French have an acquired taste, but how acquired does it really get? Escargots will make you ask just that question! In this article, we’re covering everything you need to know about the French delicacy …

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11 Spanish Foods You Absolutely Must Try

There’s a whole lot of reasons anyone would want to visit Spain: gorgeous beaches, world-renowned art, colourful history, and…. delicious food! Spanish foods are unique, wholesome, and wonderfully satisfying. Due to the mountainous regions of Spain and its history of various small kingdoms and ethnic groups, regional food in Spain is very diverse. It’s an …

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