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Belgian Food: 15 Must-try Dishes of Belgium

Belgium is a relatively small country nestled between Germany, the Netherlands, France and Luxembourg in the heart of Western Europe. Belgian cuisine has a lot in common with its neighbors, particularly in terms of the staple ingredients used in most dishes. There are very intricate cultural crossovers with the countries neighboring Belgium, which is none …

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Fromage Bruxelles (Brussels Cheese)

Fromage de Bruxelles, also known as ettekeis or Brussels Cheese, is a special kind of Belgian cheese prepared using pasteurized cow’s milk. The cheese needs to be consistently dried and washed for at least three months. After three months, it is shaped into rounds or tubs and is then considered ready for consumption. Fromage de …

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Belgian La Dame Blanche Recipe

La Dame Blanche is a sweet Belgian dessert prepared with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and a warm melted chocolate sauce. The chocolate sauce is prepared using chocolate, cream and butter. La Dame Blanche is similar to the famous American sundae or the Coupe Dänemark in Germany and Switzerland. History & Cultural Significance La Dame …

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Jambon d’Ardenne (Cured Ham)

Jambon d’Ardenne or Ardennes ham is a type of cured meat made in the various Wallonian regions of Luxembourg, Liege and Namur (both in Belgium). Jambon d’Ardenne is most closely associated with Belgian cuisine. In order to prepare Jambon d’Ardenne, the ham is dry-salted first and left to rest for 14 days before being immersed …

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Belgian Bicky Burger Recipe

Bicky burger is a type of Belgian hamburger first made by the Dutch Company, Beckers. Established in 1981, Bicky burger revolutionized Belgian fast food becoming a symbol of “doing what you want”. Although there many burger giants in the market, what makes the Bicky burger unique is its ingredients. Made using a patty that comprises …

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