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Belgian Moules-Frites Recipe

Belgian Moules-Frites Recipe

Moules-Frites is a dish consisting of mussels and fries, popular in Belgium. The mussels are typically cooked in a flavorful broth where it steams until they open, indicating that they are cooked and ready to be served.

The broth is made with ingredients like white wine, garlic, shallots, parsley, and sometimes cream. The fries are seasoned with salt and served alongside the mussels and may be accompanied by aioli or mayonnaise for dipping.

Typically, the preparation of the fries is the same but there are variations in how the mussels are cooked. In the Moules à la Crème variation, the mussels are cooked in a creamy sauce, made with heavy cream. Moules Normandey from the Normandy region of France features mussels cooked in a creamy sauce made with Normandy cider, cream, shallots, and often a touch of Calvados apple brandy.

Moules à la Bière is made with beer instead of white wine while Moules au Curry is made with a flavorful curry sauce, and typically includes coconut milk, curry spices, garlic and sometimes lemongrass or ginger. These are just a few of many recipe variations.

Moules Frites is just as loved in France as it is in Belgium. It is a common menu item in both France and Belgium but is also eaten in Germany and the Netherlands. It is eaten as an entrée, often with wine or beer.

Origin & Cultural Significance

Moules Frites originated in Belgium where mussels are cheap and plentiful. It is considered the national dish of Belgium but is particularly popular in Northern France. The word ‘moules frites’ is French and literally translates to mussels fries.

Moules Frites

Belgian Moules-Frites Recipe

Yield: 4
Prep Time: 40 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour

Moules-Frites is a dish of mussels and fries from Belgium. The mussels are typically cooked in a flavorful broth where it steams until they open, indicating that they are cooked and ready to be served.


  • Mussels - 6 lbs
  • Shallots - 5
  • Parsley - ½ bunch
  • Garlic cloves - 4
  • Butter - 2 oz.
  • Dry white wine - 10 oz.
  • Salt - 1 pinch
  • Pepper - 1 pinch
  • Potatoes - 2.2 lbs
  • Frying oil
  • Salt - to taste


  1. Peel the potatoes and cut them into sticks.
  2. Soak the raw fries for 10 minutes in cold water to remove the excess starch.
  3. Remove them from the water and dry with paper towels or a clean cloth.
  4. Heat the frying oil.
  5. Cook the fries for 10 minutes. Do this in two batches.
  6. Drain and repeat with the other half the potatoes.
  7. Scrape the mussels and wash them 2-3 times.
  8. Drain and place in very cold water for 20 minutes.
  9. Remove the mussels that rise to the surface, are opened or broken. They are not safe to consume.
  10. Peel and finely slice the shallots.
  11. Chop the parsley and peeled garlic.
  12. Melt the butter in a large heavy pan.
  13. Add the shallots and sauté for a few minutes.
  14. Add the garlic, parsley and mussels to the pan.
  15. Drizzle with the white wine and pepper.
  16. Cover and cook over high heat for 6 to 7 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  17. Meanwhile reheat the frying oil.
  18. Return the fries to the oil for another 5 minutes.
  19. Discard any mussels that have not opened after the cooking time.
  20. Serve immediately with the mussels.
Nutrition Information:
Yield: 4 Serving Size: 1
Amount Per Serving: Calories: 1638Total Fat: 46gSaturated Fat: 13gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 22gCholesterol: 412mgSodium: 2816mgCarbohydrates: 115gFiber: 7gSugar: 8gProtein: 170g

Nutrition is provided and calculated by Nutritionix. It is for general information purposes and is only a rough estimation.

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