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Yemenite Malawach Recipe (Jewish Flatbread)

Malawach, also known as Melawwaḥ, is a traditional Yemenite Jewish flatbread. This bread is similar to a thick pancake but contains thin layers of puff pastry brushed with oil. It is traditionally consumed with hard-boiled eggs, zhug, and a crushed or grated tomato dip. Occasionally, people also consume it with honey. Origin & Cultural Significance …

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Yemeni Foods: 12 Must-Try Traditional Dishes of Yemen

Yemen is located in the Middle East at the Southern edge of the Arabian Peninsula. On its north is the country of Saudi Arabia and the country of Oman is located to its east. The west and south borders of Yemen are entirely coastal. The climate is dry, hot and humid. Over half of Yemen’s …

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Canjeero (Anjero/Lahoh/Laxoox) Recipe

Canjeero is a type of Somalian bread, similar in appearance to a pancake, which forms the basis of many African dishes. Canjeero (also sometimes known as anjero, canjeelo, lahoh or laxoox) and Ethiopian Injera are cousins. Whilst Injera is the famous Ethiopian food and method of eating; this is the Somali version and is also …

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