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Portugese Bacalhau à Brás Recipe

Bacalhau à Brás is a Portuguese dish consisting of salted cod, straw potatoes and eggs that are seasoned and stir-fried together to create a creamy meal. It is often garnished with olives and parsley for that signature Mediterranean flair.  While this dish can take some planning in advance (a must when using salted cod), Bacalhau …

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Portuguese Espetada (Beef Skewers) Recipe

Espetada is a Portuguese dish primarily consisting of large cubes of beef which are skewered and barbecued. The beef is marinated in salt and garlic and later skewered on a bay leaf stick. Espetada is a popular delicacy, particularly on the island of Madeira, where it is typically served as a main dish during the …

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Portuguese Food: 17 Must-Try Traditional Dishes of Portugal

Portugal, sharing terrestrial commonalities and customs with the Mediterranean and the countries of Northern Europe, offers the most serene beaches, delicious food and port wine. This charming country also serves as the world’s top surf spot and even has its own genre of music. But of course, that’s not what we’re here for, we are …

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Tripas Tacos Recipe (Cow’s Intestines) Mexico

In Mexico and Portugal, tripas (cow’s stomach) is the key ingredient in the traditional dishes: Tripas Tacos (Mexico) and Tripas A moda Do Porto (Portugal). This Tripas Tacos recipe is largely inspired by the amazing tripe dishes I tried on my travels around Mexico. One of the main highlights of Mexico is that it is a gastronomical powerhouse when …

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