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Cotoletta Alla Milanese Recipe

Cotoletta Milanese, also known as the Milanese veal chop, is a typical Lombard dish similar to the German Wiener Schnitzel but cooked with the bone-in. It is traditionally fried with butter and is often taken as a second course of the Lombard culinary tradition, a symbolic dish of the city of Milan, Italy. Together with …

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Italian Quattro Stagioni Pizza Recipe

Quattro Stagioni Pizza is a classic traditional Italian pizza that comes with 4 different flavors in one. Even though each pizza topping is varied, you will still find an ingredient for each of the seasons. Origin and Cultural Significance The word “pizza” came from the Latin word ‘pinsa’ which means flatbread. According to legend, Roman …

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Italian Conchiglie Pasta in Tomato Sauce Recipe

Conchiglie is a seashell-shaped pasta known well for its design and form to hold sauces.  It is made from Durum wheat flour and has different colour varieties where squid ink or tomato or spinach extract was used to colourize the pasta. Origin & Cultural Significance Conchiglia, an Italian word for seashell, is where the term …

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Italian Agnolotti (Stuffed Pasta) Recipe

Agnolotti is a type of Italian stuffed pasta which originated in the Piedmont region. Italian cuisine, considered as one of the finest in the world, has produced various iconic dishes with Agnolotti being one of those. Viewed by many as a work of art, this amazingly delicious dish is made by filling roasted meat or …

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Famous Italian Foods: 13 Traditional Dishes Of Italy You Must Try

Traditional Italian food is arguably the most popular and well known cuisine in Europe and indeed the entire world. Typical Italian ingredients, methods and dishes influence other palettes across the globe, and even spawn sub-cultures such as American-Italian food. Generally Italian dishes are characterised by their simplicity, focusing heavily on fresh, quality, seasonal ingredients. Of …

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