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Sujuk (Sucuk) Sausage: A Middle Eastern Favorite

Sujuk (Sucuk) Sausage: A Middle Eastern Favorite

Sujuk is a dry, spiced sausage consumed in countries throughout the Middle East. It is typically made of either beef, lamb or horse meat.

Whilst most commonly associated with Lebanon and Turkey, it is revered in Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Israel and Iraq too.

Sujuk, also known as sucuk, soudjouk or sudzhuk, is most popularly eaten for breakfast where it is cut into slices, much like salami and eaten with fried eggs.

However, there are many ways of enjoying sujuk, much like any other sausage. In many countries it is used as a pastry topping and in Lebanon it is often fried with tomatoes and eaten in a pita with garlic sauce.

Sujuk is a versatile sausage which means you can enjoy it however you like, from barbecuing to adding to a pasta dish.

Properties of Sujuk

Sujuk sausage

Sujuk is a salty sausage with a high fat content and is typically considered dry or semi-dry. It is made with ground beef along with spices such as paprika, cumin, garlic and salt.

Sometimes recipes replace ground beef with pork, mutton or horsemeat. The casing for the sausage traditionally used goat or sheep intestines but these days artificial casings are more common.

Sujuk needs to be dried for a number of weeks (typically three) before being eaten, similar to Italian meats such as chorizo.

Different spiciness levels of sujuk can be found depending on the country of origin. When created in Balkan countries of Europe, the spices are a little more mild.

What Does Sujuk Taste Like?

Again, it very much depends on the origin country where you are tasting sujuk. It can be very spicy in many Middle Eastern countries and if you have the tolerance, it is the best way to eat it.

However, whether you try the spicy style or a more mild version, the flavour is quintessentially beefy with subtle spice flavoring. The dry texture is evident and sujuk is slightly harder than comparable sausages such as chorizo.

How To Make Sujuk At Home

Sujuk sausages are great fun to make at home if you have the ingredients and patients for curing meat!

The video above shows the method for making Turkish style Sujuk. You can also find a great recipe for Sujuk here.

Dishes to Make With Sujuk

Whether you choose to make your own sujuk or simply purchase it from a butcher, there are some great recipes you can cook with it. Here are a selection of traditional and interesting sujuk-based recipes from around the internet:

So if you’re feeling adventurous and would like to try some stunning Middle Eastern flavors, give these Sujuk recipes a go! Otherwise, make sure you seek out the sausage on your next trip to Turkey or the Middle East!

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