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Australian Crocodile Skewers Recipe

Crocodile skewers are a great representation of Australia, they’ve got everything from the epitomic animal to the clichéd BBQ! In the Southern US, particularly in states such as Florida and Louisiana, alligator Kebabs are cooked in much the same way. So whichever meat you can get your hands on, the result will be pretty similar. Crocodile …

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Calf or Bull Testicle Fries (Criadillas) Recipe

Travelling through Argentina it’s not difficult to be able find and eat fried calf or bulls testicles (criadillas), served with salsa. Fancy trying that? “Criadillas” are fried bulls testicles, eaten predominantly in regions where bullfighting is popular and often by the victorious matador as a sign of strength. You can also try them in Spain or …

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Tripas Tacos Recipe (Cow’s Intestines) Mexico

In Mexico and Portugal, tripas (cow’s stomach) is the key ingredient in the traditional dishes: Tripas Tacos (Mexico) and Tripas A moda Do Porto (Portugal). This Tripas Tacos recipe is largely inspired by the amazing tripe dishes I tried on my travels around Mexico. One of the main highlights of Mexico is that it is a gastronomical powerhouse when …

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Authentic Jamaican Peanut Porridge Recipe

This authentic peanut porridge recipe has a fantastic reputation since being upgraded from a modest staple of Jamaican cuisine to a culinary favourite of foodies across the planet.  In fact, so popular is peanut porridge that it is now widely eaten across North America, particularly the US and the UK thanks to large Jamaican communities …

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Jamaican Food: 7 Dishes You Absolutely Must Try

Typical Jamaican cuisine is the result of an incredible blend of cultures and influences from around the world. As well as the influence of the Rastafarian religion; immigration and imperialism have allowed Jamaican food to become a unique mixture of tastes, cooking techniques and flavors. Different inhabitants to the island and a range of different …

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