My Travel Essentials & Tips For Travelling Cheap

I get people ask me all the time what equipment, gadgets and travel accessories I use whilst I’m out there seeing the world. People also want to know how I am able to travel the world for so cheap. These items and travel tips make my life a hell of a lot easier, so I hope that they will be useful for you too!

I currently travel with just a 60L backpack and a laptop backpack (shared below), so I have to be quite limited with what I can take with me. These items have to be absolutely crucial to my travels in order to justify taking up precious space in my bags!

Contributions to the essential travel items list come from two of us here at Travel Food Atlas so you will find both male and female recommendations. My tips for travelling cheaply include some resources listed below that I use every day to help me get the best bang for my buck. 

Travel Essentials

These travel essentials will make your life a lot more enjoyable on the go. I have found that simply having quality essentials takes away a lot of the stress of travelling.

Battery Sports 60L Backpack

Bludio T4 Headphones


Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Packing Cubes

Universal Travel Adaptor

Travel Laptop Bag

Travel Organizer

Power Bank


Multi-USB Plug

Photography Gear

Great photography gear can be a worthwhile investment. Having gadgets that allow you to capture the perfect imagery anywhere at any time will always reap rewards.

GoPro Hero 7

Sony Alpha A6500

Manfrotto Tripod

DJI Spark Drone

Travel Clothes

Essential travel clothes for super comfort and fashion on the road (men and women’s). Whilst they might sound a little obvious, you’d be surprised at how many people don’t bring along a comfortable hoodie or have to buy sandals when they get there (and then have to deal with those horrible thong sandals that really hurt your feet!). Buying in advance is a lot more ideal!

Women's Comfortable Jeans

Men's Chino Shorts

Women's Comfortable Cardigan

Men's Comfortable Hoodie

Women's Simple Summer Dress

Men's Sandals

Quick disclaimer: this page uses affiliate links which means that our wonderful website will receive a small commision on any products purchased at no extra cost to you. Every product listed is owned or endorsed by us here at Travel Food Atlas.

Tips For Travelling As Cheap As Possible

The absolute best way to travel for as long as possible is to find the cheapest travel options that allow you to save that extra bit of cash. By finding half price flights and super cheap accommodation you can spend that money on travelling to more places or extending your stay in places that you enjoy the most.

Cheap Flights

For cheap flights my ultimate go-to site is Skyscanner. It allows you to search by the whole month to see the cheapest day, and allows you to select whole countries to find the cheapest airports to fly to. Vayama also has some amazing deals on flights so I would check both sites to compare before booking. 

Be flexible to save the most money on flights. I have found countless amounts of cheap flights simply by finding dates and times that happen to be cheaper than more popular dates for that location. These could be because it is low season or that travelling on a Wednesday is less popular, for example.

Look at airports across the whole country rather than just your target destination. I once wanted to go to Bangkok from Berlin but instead found flights to Krabi for €150, which is just a coach or plane ride away from Bangkok. It also enabled me to be more creative with my trip and see some of the beautiful islands before heading up north.

Cheap Accommodation

For cheap accommodation I highly recommend and HotelsCombined. These offer some of the cheapest hotel rooms for every single country you could visit. You can order by price and find rooms in amazing hotels for less than the cost of a meal in certain locations. 

A great travel hack is to book a room very far in advance that has free cancellation. This means you can benefit from very cheap advance booking rates with the benefit of being able to change your mind if you want to stay elsewhere. 

Hostels can be super cheap even if you want a private room. Sometimes private hostel rooms are even better than private hotel rooms and most have a kitchen for you to cook and save even more money. You can find most hostels listed on

A big money-saving travel tip is to simply register on accommodation websites. You would be surprised at some of the differences prices between being logged in and not being logged in. Accommodation sites like to have loyal customers and they will reward those who sign up with cheaper rates.

Cheap Travel Overland

For travelling cheaply around Europe the obvious choice is GoEuro which offers the cheapest train and bus fares. It’s not only the best prices but you can also get your tickets in an app on your phone so there is no need to carry around paper tickets.

A money-saving travel tip is to book overnight trains or coaches. This way you’re saving on a night’s stay in a hotel or hostel, cash which you can use on extending your stay.

You can usually save money by travelling slowly which also offers some of the most amazing experiences you may have missed by trying to get somewhere quickly. Often you will find very slow trains or coaches across big countries like China that are a fraction of the price of the express options.

Cheap Attraction Tickets

For attractions I always look for deals on Tours4Fun to find savings on activities I probably would have done anyway. They cover every location you can think of so it’s a great place to have a quick browse when visiting a new place to see if you can do everything you wanted to do for much cheaper.

My best tip for finding offers on attractions is to simply do your research on the place before arriving. Did you know, for example, that on Sundays museums in Munich are all €1 to enter? You could save yourself huge amounts of cash by simply arranging your plans around information that is easily discoverable online.

Search Cheap Flights On Skyscanner

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