Will the avocado shortage affect me?

Will the avocado shortage affect me?

Everybody start panicking! The avocado shortage is here and prices of the popular green fruit (yes it’s a fruit), are going sky-rocket as the quality and supply begin to diminish.

it’s all down to a price dispute between packing companies and the producers in the Michoacan region of Mexico where the majority of avocados are grown. This means that the avocados are still there, but they’re just not being delivered.

Which countries does Mexico export avocados to?

Should you start stockpiling avocados ready for the impending shortage? Well that depends how much you love avocados and how reliant you are on having your avo-toast in the morning.

It also depends on which country or continent you live in. 2.05 million tons of avocados grown in Mexico are shipped abroad every year and if you live in one of the countries who imports from this region then it will mostly affect you.

The main countries affected are the USA, Canada, Japan, China and the whole of Europe. Although Europeans need not panic so much, as avocados are also grown in various countries in Europe such as Spain, so there should still be a supply in your markets.

Negotiations between avocado farmers and packing companies had stalled lately as they failed to come to an agreement on price. The farmers just stopped harvesting the fruit and so shipments have ceased.

The good news is that the shortage is not long-term. Resolutions about price have been made but the damage has already been done and it’s just going to take a long time for the supply to get back to normal. Many avocados will start to come through to the USA this weekend but they mostly won’t be ripened until after Thanksgiving according to Rob Wedin of Calavo Growers Inc, an avocado distributor.

The avocado shortage will affect the USA, Canada, Japan and Europe.

But I’ve already made guacamole! How can I keep it fresh?

Well I’m glad you asked, my worried little friend. There is a common myth that putting the avocado pit back into your guacamole will keep it green and prevent it going brown. But unfortunately this is not true.

In fact, you are much better off simply squeezing some lime juice over your guacamole and then covering it with plastic wrap. There’s no magical solution I’m afraid, you’re just going to make sure you serve it up and enjoy the last of your guacamole before the shortage comes.

Is avocado a fruit?

Well yes! And technically it’s a berry. Very similar tomatoes which just taste like they should be called a vegetable, avocados are a single-seeded berry as it is the matured ovary of a flower. They’re also very healthy for you and are associated with health benefits ranging from decreasing your risk of heart disease to improving the health of your hair!

I would recommend you to eat lots of avocados if there weren’t a shortage…

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