Mimo San Sebastian Cooking Class: A Review

Mimo Cooking School Set Up In San Sebastian

The San Sebastian Mimo Cooking School‘s Michelin Star Secrets Cooking Class lets you delve deeper into the culinary world. Trained Chefs often take this class as a refresher or for creative inspiration.

From the moment you enter the class, you think WOW! The aesthetics of the dining room and kitchen area are all top quality, what you would expect of a Fine Dining Michelin Star restaurant.

I was very lucky that no-one else booked the same day of my class so I had a 6-hour private class with a Michelin Star Chef! On arrival, I was greeted by the Chef and the best latte I had in all of Spain! Then I was handed a chef jacket and it was time to get to work.

The class focused on preparation, execution and presentation of 5 courses each with an elemental focus. Full recipes of each course you cooked on the day are emailed to you after the class letting you really focus on the technique of preparation, cooking and presentation.

First Course

Blanched Oysters with White Asparagus Puree
Blanched Oysters with White Asparagus Puree

First Course, Blanched Oysters with White Asparagus Puree. I originally thought blanching oysters was such a waste because they are so good natural, but I am so glad we did!

Blanching the oysters allowed for much more lacker which we added to the pure for an extra depth of flavour. The flavour combination of earthy asparagus mixed with the taste of the ocean from the oysters was spectacular. I never would have considered matching the two together.

Second Course

Wild Mushroom and Jamon Dumplings with Porcini Consommé
Wild Mushroom and Jamon Dumplings with Porcini Consommé

Second Course, Wild Mushroom and Jamon Dumplings with Porcini Consommé. This was a real flavour hit, the colour and depth of the consommé were amazing. The Bonito flakes gave such a unique flavour matching so well with the buttery wild mushroom and salty Jamon dumplings.

Third Course

Third Course, Sole Fillet with Fava Beans and Pine Nut Pate. I loved this course and not because I’m a seafood fanatic but because it was so simple, so fresh and so tasty. Each element on the plate complimented each other by flavour and texture, I learnt how to fillet a fish and used a blow torch for the first time to finish off the Sole fillet with a slight chargrill.

Fourth Course

Pigeon with Sauteed Spring Vegetables and Pigeon Pate
Pigeon with Sauteed Spring Vegetables and Pigeon Pate

Fourth Course, Pigeon with Sauteed Spring Vegetables and Pigeon Pate. This was the most in-depth course, starting with roasting spring veg in the oven that would eventually be blended and sieved to flavour the Pigeon Pate. The Pate was surprisingly easy to make and incredibly rich, suiting the pigeon perfectly. Not only have I never eaten Pigeon but I have never filleted one either, a skill I will be using in the future.

Fifth Course

Frozen Lychee Spheres with Fresh Berries
Frozen Lychee Spheres with Fresh Berries

Fifth Course, Frozen Lychee Spheres with Fresh Berries. It sounds simple but with this course, I learnt the most interesting technique of using a gelling agent to create a membrane around the lychee syrup, making them pop in your mouth, similar to how caviar pops with each bite. This was a very impressive dish and the perfect way to finish off the day!

My Review Of The Mimo Cooking Class

At 185 Euros this class isn’t for the faint-hearted, expect to work and expect to learn! I would highly recommend this to any true foodie enthusiast. This was a very hands-on class, really getting amongst the food. I cleaned, cut, filleted, strained, sieved, blended, sautéed, fried and baked! Making me part of the entire cooking process.

I left the class with a full stomach, a little bit drunk but most importantly far more knowledgeable about food and cooking techniques, how to match flavour combinations and textures. I already can’t wait to get back home and try a few of these recipes out with my own little twist. Thanks, Mimo!

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