6 Of The Best Places To Eat In Florida

6 Of The Best Places To Eat In Florida

Florida is famous for many things, it’s white sand beaches, wildlife,  and of course Disney. However many people forget that getting the most out of destination for it’s dining experiences can be just as memorable as taking part in activities whilst on holiday. Have a look below at some of the best places to dine while visiting Florida.

Hard Rock Cafe

What better way to enjoy a bbq bacon cheeseburger than when you’re rocking out to the old-school, classic music surrounded by rock history itself. At the Hard Rock Cafe on Universal Blvd. you can submerge yourself in just that, it may be loud and at times you’ll feel like you’re at a rock concert but the atmosphere, food, and service is second to none. Not to mention the pink muscle car in the center will make it worth it well worth a visit.

Murder Mystery Dinner Train

Love a good murder mystery, think you can solve the crime? Then this is the train for you. You get to enjoy a multi-course dinner whilst testing your skills and knowledge at solving riddles and puzzles to find out ‘who-dun-it?. So if you fancy yourself to be the next Sherlock or Miss Marple then hop aboard!

On A Boat

A day on the sea, admiring the Miami coast, soaking up the rays with a glass of bubbly and luxury picnic hamper sounds perfect right? What about a weekend of sailing with a candlelit dinner watching the sunset?  Renting a boat is the perfect way to enjoy the ocean without a massive commitment, it couldn’t be easier to enjoy a rental boat Miami so what are you waiting for?

Going Back To Medieval Times

How about taking a trip into the past and experiencing a medieval night. There will be jousting, battling with fantastic cheering and jeering. You will get to taste a wonderful 4-course dinner however you’ll be expected to eat with your hands, as it’s got to be kept realistic but don’t fret you can always wash it down with a few libations and spirits.  

Traditional Picnic

Instead of going out into all the hustle and bustle find yourself a nice quiet spot to have a picnic out in the sunshine and relax. Sometimes a nicely packed picnic is just what you need to really get into the holiday mood. Just think about all the lovely foods that you can prepare to enjoy while out in the open fresh air. Florida has a variety of gardens and state parks where you can set down with some amazing views and make unforgettable memories.


Last but by no means least, Disney! There are so many spectacular places where you still receive at table service at Disney. You can delve into the real world Beauty and the Beast film at the be our guest restaurant where you can dine on French-themed cuisine or if you fancy going even bigger you can dine at the exclusive Victoria and Alberts wherein all paces to be located exclude anyone under the age of 10. There’s a reason this restaurant gains award after award so most definitely worth a visit.

Why not add your favorite places to eat when in Florida in the comments section below?

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