3 Attractions to Make Your Australia Vacation Truly Memorable

3 Attractions to Make Your Australia Vacation Truly Memorable

Australia is one of the most iconic regions in the world – a place that just
about everywhere, feels some sort of connection to — even if only thanks to Steve Irwin, koala bears, and kangaroos.

Australia is also a strange place, in that it is a truly enormous landmass, but is home to only 24.6 million people. For reference, the United Kingdom – a comparatively minuscule area – has a population of 66 million people.

Whether you fancy trying out the famous Vegemite, or seeing just how kangaroo mince actually tastes, you’re unlikely to regret a visit to the land down under.

Aside from your culinary adventures, here are a few ways to make your Australian vacation truly memorable, and a few reasons why you should consider booking your vehicle from Bayswater Car Rentals in advance.

Get lost in the Daintree Rainforest for a while

The most iconic Australian landscape tends to be the endless red dusty expanse of the outback. Sometimes, people seem to forget that the continent enjoys a lot of biodiversity, and actually features lush rainforests, as well.

In fact, Australia boasts the oldest tropical rainforest in the world, in the form of the Daintree Rainforest, located in Far North Queensland.

A trip through Daintree Rainforest allows you to appreciate being in a setting that has the highest variety of plants and animals found in any rainforest on the planet. As the Daintree discovery Centre acknowledges – it really is like visiting Jurassic Park.

Venture into the Red Centre and visit Ayers Rock

Ayers Rock is an iconic, world-renowned landmark, slap bang in the middle of the outback, in the region known as the Red Centre.

Simply put, Ayers Rock is a sandstone monolith, standing proud in a desert landscape. It is taller than the Eiffel Tower, and takes roughly eight hours to trek around. It’s big, in other words.

The rock has major spiritual significance to the aboriginal peoples of Australia, and many visitors report sensing that power when they stand before it.

The Ayers Rock Resort is about half an hour from the rock itself, and by staying there for a day or two, you can enjoy a candlelit dinner, outdoors, with the rock dominating the landscape in the background.

Visit Fraser Island – the world’s largest sand island

One of the major things about Australia that draws in the tourists, is the sheer beauty of its coastal regions.

Fraser Island is something a little bit unique, in that it is actually the world’s largest sand island, and is an excellent location for whale spotting and stargazing.

The island is something of a tropical paradise in and of itself, with crystalline freshwater creeks and lakes, rainforests, and soaring dunes.
Consider it a mini roundup of some of the best Australia has to offer.

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